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iKonnect acknowledges that shared values acquired through our diverse talents and unique perspectives facilitate our capacity in resolving the most pressing business needs and challenges. Accordingly if you want to recognize your potential and fulfill your ambition then iKonnect is the place for you.

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Account Executive (Ref AE-01):

Work under close supervision of Junior Project Officer. Manage Customer Accounts from an administrative perspective. Conduct necessary client interviews, gather required data and execute the necessary surveys and associated data analysis.
  • Have Business Level Fluency in English.
  • Excellent Administration Skills.
  • Excellent Research Skills.
  • One Year Experience Minimum.
Junior Project Officer (Ref PO-01):

Work under supervision of Senior project Officer. Oversea functions executed by account executive identifying Client issues and problems, recommending the required approaches in order to tackle them. Test quality of data, present facts and evidence in meetings and serve as an effective support resource to team in Client meetings.
  • Bachelors degree from a top tier university.
  • Have business level fluency in English.
  • Experience in an IT field is a an asset.
  • One Year Experience Minimum.
Senior Project Officer (Ref PO-02):

Oversea functions executed by Junior Project Officer. Work with client on designated projects in order to achieve the desired pre-determined objectives. Provide support, develop strategy and operational methodology in line with suggested organizational restructuring and allotted budgeting. Consult with client in order to resolve complex and critical issues in order to achieve the required goals.
  • Bachelors/Masters degree from a top tier university.
  • Have Business Level Fluency in English.
  • Have Excellent Negotiation, Management and Organizational Skills.
  • At least two years field experience in ICTs.
  • Four Years Experience Minimum.

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