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Management Systems
Management Systems are the collection and interrelation of parts that convert stakeholder needs into satisfied stakeholders. From the very first day of business--regardless of whether itís a hardware supplier, a family restaurant, small travel agency or a large corporation--every organization has a management system. However, such a system may not be clearly defined in a fashion that allows the business to operate in a reliable manor.

At iKonnect, we help you build the four basic and essential components of any management system namely:-
  1. Policy and objectives to guide the organization.
  2. Defined responsibilities so that employees know what is expected.
  3. Defined processes linking the employees to the business objectives.
  4. Analysis and data sharing to improve the performance of the company.
The accurate definition and implementation of these components allow the organization to operate in a clear and defined manor that focuses on delivering the desired objectives of the stakeholders.

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