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Wireless Technology
What’s your vision? To provide secure wireless access to your users throughout the office? The Building? The Campus? To provide a ubiquitous user-experience and security to your users everywhere they connect? To reduce telephony costs and boost user productivity with voice-overwireless LAN and Fixed Mobile Convergence?

iKonnect networks integrate adaptive WLANs, identity-based security, and application continuity services into a cohesive, high-performance system for corporate campuses, office buildings, branch offices and telecommuters by using one or a multiple technologies/deployments listed below:-
  • Wireless LANs
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots
  • Broadband Wireless Access
  • Internet via GSM
The result—a centrally managed network that mobilizes business applications across the LAN, WAN and the Internet making users more productive without negatively impacting security.

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